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RIC0032 - XLR Powered Engine Precleaner No Filter


  • Most effective "impossible dust environment" engine precleaner ever invented
  • Lowers cost per operating hour
  • Quickly recover cost of investment
  • Extends primary engine air filter life for an indefinite period of time
  • XLR prefilter changes do not expose engine to field service contamination
  • Improved oil samples (significantly lower contaminate levels)
  • Helps to preserve your engine, catalytic converter, and prevents related downtime costs

How XLR Works:

XLR = eXtra Low Restriction

  1. Debris-laden air enters the precleaner.
  2. The motor whips the air into a vortex with the debris riding along the outer walls.
  3. Debris is ejected from the precleaner.
  4. The clean air in the center of the system is then pushed through the filter with very low restriction.
  5. The filter and housing are self-cleaning as debris falls off the filter and is then ejected from the housing.