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CF2, CFX2, FFX2, PFX Service Parts and Accessories

GK015 RESPA CF2 Universal Installation

Part No: GK015

RESPA CF2 universal installation kit

Out of Stock
RCF2901 RESPA CF2 Rain Cap

Part No: RCF2901

RESPA CF2 rain cap

RCF2904 RESPA CF2 12V Brushless Motor Kit

Part No: RCF2904

RESPA CF2 12 volt brushless motor kit

RCF2905 RESPA CF2 24V Brushless Motor Kit

Part No: RCF2905

RESPA CF2 24 volt brushless motor kit

RCF2908 RESPA CF2 Clamp / Foot Assembly

Part No: RCF2908

RESPA CF2 clamp / foot assembly

RCF2909 RESPA CF2 Filter Ring

Part No: RCF2909

RESPA CF2 filter ring

RCF2910 RESPA CF2 Extended Filter Ring

Part No: RCF2910

RESPA CF2 extended filter ring

RCF2911 RESPA CF2 Internal Motor Inlet Screen

Part No: RCF2911

RESPA CF2 internal motor inlet screen

RCF2912 RESPA CF2 4-inch Outlet Housing

Part No: RCF2912

RESPA CF2 4 inch outlet housing

RCF2913 RESPA CF2 3-inch Inlet Housing

Part No: RCF2913

RESPA CF2 3 inch inlet housing

RCF2915 RESPA CF2, CF 12 or 24V Wiring Kit

Part No: RCF2915

RESPA CF2, CF 12 or 24V wiring kit

Out of Stock
RCF2918 RESPA CF2 12V Compact Motor Kit

Part No: RCF2918

RESPA CF2 12V compact motor kit

RCF2919 RESPA CF2 24V Compact Motor Kit

Part No: RCF2919

RESPA CF2 24V compact motor kit

RCF2920 RESPA CF2 Compact Motor Replacement Rain Cap

Part No: RCF2920

RESPA CF2 compact motor replacement rain cap

RCF2922 RESPA CF2, CFX2 4 inch ducted inlet

Part No: RCF2922

RESPA CF2, CFX2 4 inch ducted inlet

Out of Stock
RCF2923 RESPA CF2 Compact Motor Heavy Debris Screen

Part No: RCF2923

RESPA CF2 compact motor heavy debris screen

REA0131 RESPA CF Replacement Filter Housing (set of 4)

Part No: REA0131

RESPA CF replacement filter housing (set of 4)


Part No: REA0141


Out of Stock
REC0140 RESPA CF Mounting Plate

Part No: REC0140

RESPA CF mounting plate

REVA-003 RESPA CF Filter Housing

Part No: REVA-003

RESPA CF filter housing

Out of Stock