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RCF2093 - RESPA CFX2 Powered Recirculated Air Filtration System with Closed End HEPA Filter


  • Protects the operator by reducing respirable contaminants that can be re-entrained into the airflow
  • Improves operator comfort by allowing HVAC to operate efficiently
  • Reduces dust accumulation, protecting expensive HVAC and electronics
  • In almost all cases, exposure reduced below PEL, facilitating regulatory compliance
  • 100% seal integrity eliminates filter bypass
  • Interchangeable filtration options
  • Durable, compact, and customizable

How it Works

  1. Debris-laden air enters the unit where it is whipped into a vortex by the fan blades.
  2. Particulate is flung to the outer walls as cleaner air is pushed through the filter.
  3. Air passes through a high-efficiency radial-seal filter, allowing only clean air to enter the HVAC mixing plenum.