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RAPM3100 - RESPA Advisor Pressure Monitor

Pressure Monitor Features

RESPA Advisor Pressure Sensor numbered diagram


LED Alarm: The lighted indicator illuminates whenever the cab pressure drops below the preset minimum threshold for more than ten seconds. This feature cannot be disabled. The ten second delay allows for normal door opening and closing without setting off the alarm.


Low Pressure Signal Alarm: This feature is internal in all units. It can be activated or deactivated during setup, and the volume level can also be adjusted to suit the environment. If the feature is activated, the alarm will sound whenever the cab pressure drops below the preset minimum pressure level for more than ten seconds. It automatically self-resets when the cab pressure returns to normal or when a off/on power cycle is completed.


Numeric Display: This indicates the real-time pressure in the cab. During setup, you can select whether to display units in inches of water column or in Pascal.


Power: The unit operates whenever the machine is switched on. There is no separate power switch to turn the Pressure Monitor on or off.


Silence Alarm Button: Sometimes it is necessary to open a window or door for more than ten seconds. This will set off the alarm. The alarm signal can be silenced by pushing the button. (Note: the light will remain on until pressure is restored.) The alarm mode is self-resetting when the cab pressure normalizes or with an off/on power cycle. The alarm is again armed and will sound after a ten second pressure drop.


Quick Connect Fitting: The included air line, which provides ambient air pressure from outside the cab, attaches here.


Electrical Wiring: Connects to any convenient DC voltage connection between 9 VDC and 36 VDC, so the same unit can be installed on a 12-volt or 24-volt system.


Low Voltage Pressure Signal Port: The unit includes a 0 to 5 volt output signal that can stream real-time pressure information to an on-board computer. The 1/8-inch mono-plug signal port puts out a low power voltage signal that varies with the pressure reading. See Technical Specifications for details.

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