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Adaptation Parts

68011 Metal Expansion Adapter - 8-inch to 11-inch

Part No: 68011QS

8 inch to 11 inch metal expansion adapter

70R60 7-inch to 6-inch Rubber Reducing Insert

Part No: 70R60QS

7-inch to 6-inch rubber reducing insert

80012 Extension Pipe - 8-inch diameter x 12-inch length

Part No: 80012QS

8 inch diameter x 12 inch extension pipe

80R70 8-inch to 7-inch Rubber Reducing Insert

Part No: 80R70QS

8-inch to 7-inch rubber reducing insert

901K1 Series 9000 Engine Precleaner Installation and Adaptation Kit - 4-inch to 3, 3.5, or 3.75-inch inlets

Part No: 901K1QS

4 inch Series 9000 Precleaner adaptation kit for 3 inch, 3.5 inch or 3.75 inch inlets

90CB40 Cobra Head - 4-inch, 90 degree

Part No: 90CB40QS

4 inch 90 degree cobra head

90L30 Elbow - 3-inch 90 degree

Part No: 90L30QS

3 inch 90 degree elbow

90L40 Series 9000 4-inch diameter 90 Degree Rubber Elbow

Part No: 90L40QS

Series 9000 4-inch 90 degree rubber elbow

90L40R30 Series 9000 4-inch to 3-inch 90 Degree Reducing Rubber Elbow

Part No: 90L40R30QS

Series 9000 4-inch to 3-inch 90 degree reducing rubber elbow

AD0197 XLR 4-Inch Flange Assembly

Part No: AD0197QS

XLR 4-Inch Flange assembly

FH33-008 3-inch diameter x 8 feet Flexible Hose

Part No: FH33-08QS

3-inch diameter x 8 feet flexible hose

GA002 Flange Adaptor with 4-inch Pipe to penetrate HVAC Fresh-Air Plenum

Part No: GA002QS

Flange adaptor with 4-inch pipe to penetrate HVAC fresh-air plenum

GK009 4-inch diameter x 8 feet Flexible Hose Kit with Flange Adaptor, Reducing Insert, Sealant & Screws

Part No: GK009QS

4-inch diameter x 8 feet flexible hose kit (with flange adaptor, reducing insert, sealant & screws

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KT0004 Series 9000 Engine Precleaner Universal Mounting Kit - 4-inch

Part No: KT0004QS

Series 9000 Precleaner 4 inch universal mounting kit

KT0009 DVP Cap Assortment to Plug Vacuator Port in Air Filter Housing

Part No: KT0009QS

DVP Cap Assortment to plug Vacuator Port in Air Filter Housing

S300X300 3-inch Inner Diameter Straight Sleeve

Part No: S300X300QS

3-inch inner diameter straight sleeve

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S400X350 4-inch diameter X 3.5-inch long Straight Rubber Sleeve

Part No: S400X350QS

4-inch diameter X 3.5-inch straight rubber sleeve