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GF130 - Extended Length ABEK Gas and HEPA Fresh Air Filter

Features and Benefits

The GF130 ABEK Gas / Activated Carbon + HEPA filter for use in extended -length RESPA cab air quality systems reduces gas and respirable particulates inside heavy equipment operator cabs. Addresses four families of gases, including A (organic vapors), B (inorganic vapors), E (acidic gases), and K (ammonia) gases. Designed to protect operator air quality in agriculture, spray cabs, landfills and other jobsites where odors and harmful respirable particulate may be present.

Combines charcoal and HEPA media to address both gas and particulate

Extend filter life, features ejective endcap, enabling powered precleaning which removes the largest dust and debris from the filter housing prior to passing through filter

The Benefit of Clean Air

Sy-Klone’s RESPA systems and filters keeps your crew safer and more comfortable, while keeping machines running longer.

  1. Improved operator health and safety; reduce occupational exposure to respirable dust and debris, which may reduce risk of chronic lower lung disease
  2. Increased operator comfort: well-running HVAC systems improve the operator environment and support employee retention and recruitment
  3. Reduced HVAC maintenance costs: evaporator core remains clean
  4. Improved machine uptime and productivity; machines meet HVAC service intervals; cab electronics remain clean