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FFX2511 - RESPA FFX2 Non-Powered Recirculation Air Filtration System with Louvered MERV 16/F9 Filter

RESPA-FFX2 Benefits

  • Compact radial filter increases filter media by 10x over traditional panel filters.
  • Increased filter life.
  • Radial Seal Technology provides 100% seal integrity; no by-pass risk as is common with panel filters.
  • Filtration options to meet your needs for particulate and odor filtration.
    • MERV16: High efficiency filtration meets requirements of the NEW OSHA SILICA LAW which applies to all OSHA regulated industries.
    • HEPA H13 Super high efficiency filtration.
  • Low cost, versatile filter housing combines the need for high efficiency cab filtration and easy application.
  • Designed for in cab installations and through the wall installations which allow for filters to be serviced from outside of cab.
  • Can be installed in multiple unit configuration for higher volume airflows.