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FEFF240 - Standard Length EPA Fresh Air Filter

Part Number:
Ejection Ports
Filter Rating:
Efficient Particulate Air (EPA)
Sy-Klone RESPA Models:
CF2 / CF
System Type:
Fresh Air
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  • High-efficiency, ISO 23875-compliant particulate filter for job sites where HEPA is not a specific requirement
  • Lower-restriction, high-efficiency solution ideal for fresh air applications, designed to arrest small airborne contaminants and meet timed decay rates
  • Increased airflow may provide extended filter life to HEPA filters
  • Self-cleaning filter media, sheds dust and debris, promoting longer filter life
  • Seal design eliminates filter by-pass and potential for dust downstream

The Benefit of Clean Air

Sy-Klone’s RESPA systems and filters keeps your crew safer and more comfortable, while keeping machines running longer.

  • Improved operator health and safety; reduce occupational exposure to respirable dust and debris, which may reduce risk of chronic lower lung disease
  • Increased operator comfort: well-running HVAC systems improve the operator environment and support employee retention and recruitment
  • Reduced HVAC maintenance costs: evaporator core remains clean
  • Improved machine uptime and productivity; machines meet HVAC service intervals; cab electronics remain clean

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