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FEFF217 - Extended Length Air Filter

Part Number:
Ejection Slot
Filter Type:
Engine Precleaner
Prior Generation Model Number:
Sy-Klone Product / System:
XLR (Extended Length)
System Type:
Powered Engine Precleaner
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XLR Filter

The XLR powered engine precleaner, combined with an FEFF217 high-efficiency filter, removes 99.99% of ISO fine dust, ensuring only clean air is delivered downstream to engines working in the harshest, most debris-laden work environments. Dirty air downstream can negatively impact machine performance, lead to more frequent filter changes, and decrease machine uptime.

Features and Benefits

  • High-efficiency filter media arrests smaller particles, provides engines an extra layer of protection from dust, dirt, and contaminated intake air
  • Open screen matrix technology reduces restriction, improving airflow and performance
  • Self-cleaning filter media, sheds dust and debris, promoting longer filter life
  • Seal design eliminates filter by-pass and potential for dust downstream
  • Durable construction withstands constant vibration, dents and other damage

Benefits of using an XLR Powered engine precleaner and high-efficiency filter include:

  • Extended engine filter life
  • Improved machine performance
  • Decreased dust in engine oil, which can lead to abrasion and premature wearing of engine components and aftertreatment systems

FEFF217 RadialSHIELD XLR Filter Support

Filter Change Instructions

FEFF 217 FEFF-217 217
FEFF117 FEFF 117 FEFF-117 110

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